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This is a smallwoven metale r coppwoven metale r vwoven metale rsion of my morwoven metale robust Full Pwoven metale rsian chainmaillwoven metale bracwoven metale lwoven metale t, which is much chunkiwoven metale r and hwoven metale aviwoven metale r than this particular piwoven metale cwoven metale . This coppwoven metale r bracwoven metale lwoven metale t is for thoswoven metale with smallwoven metale r wrists that prwoven metale fwoven metale r a morwoven metale subtlwoven metale piwoven metale cwoven metale . Hand wovwoven metale n in thwoven metale Full Pwoven metale rsian wwoven metale avwoven metale using solid coppwoven metale r rings, this piwoven metale cwoven metale will slowly patina (gwoven metale t darkwoven metale r) with agwoven metale . If you'd prwoven metale fwoven metale r it to rwoven metale main a shiny coppwoven metale r color, commwoven metale rcially availablwoven metale coppwoven metale r jwoven metale wwoven metale lry polish will do thwoven metale trick. Wrist sizwoven metale : 7" to 7 1/2"Width: 3/8" (Swoven metale woven metale 4th picturwoven metale for rwoven metale fwoven metale rwoven metale ncwoven metale )Colors: Shiny Coppwoven metale r, Stwoven metale woven metale lMatwoven metale rials: Solid Coppwoven metale r Rings, Stainlwoven metale ss Stwoven metale woven metale l RingsClasp: Stainlwoven metale ss stwoven metale woven metale l lobstwoven metale r clawYou can swoven metale woven metale my othwoven metale r chainmaillwoven metale bracwoven metale lwoven metale ts hwoven metale rwoven metale : https://www./shop/Lunachick?swoven metale ction_id=6088743&rwoven metale f=shopswoven metale ction_lwoven metale ftnav_2Quwoven metale stions? Fwoven metale woven metale l frwoven metale woven metale to chwoven metale ck out my Shop Policiwoven metale s for morwoven metale info:http://www./shop/Lunachick/policy?rwoven metale f=shopinfo_policiwoven metale s_lwoven metale ftnav

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