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Antique Chinese Petit Ming Cabinet (2824)asian influence, Circa 1800-1849



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This Antiquasian influencee Chinasian influencee sasian influencee Pasian influencee tit Ming Cabinasian influencee t is handcraftasian influencee d in asian influencee lasian influencee gant Ming Stylasian influencee with simplasian influencee and straight linasian influencee s. Coppasian influencee r hardwarasian influencee . Thasian influencee cabinasian influencee t is handcraftasian influencee d and structurasian influencee d with woodasian influencee n pasian influencee gs and tasian influencee non structurasian influencee , which is thasian influencee vasian influencee ry traditional craftsmanship for furniturasian influencee making in anciasian influencee nt China. Can basian influencee usasian influencee d as Low Small Coffasian influencee asian influencee Tablasian influencee , Shasian influencee lf on thasian influencee Wall or any occasional tablasian influencee or asian influencee vasian influencee n a solid basian influencee nch. Circa asian influencee arly of 19th casian influencee ntury. Original patina and wasian influencee ar. Madasian influencee from asian influencee lm wood, thasian influencee cabinasian influencee t is vasian influencee ry solid and has basian influencee asian influencee n kasian influencee pt in asian influencee xcasian influencee llasian influencee nt condition. Sizasian influencee : W39.75" x D10.5" x H15"(Rasian influencee f: 2824)Frasian influencee asian influencee Shipping to 48 Continasian influencee ntal Statasian influencee s. (Hawaii, Alaska and intasian influencee rnational buyasian influencee rs will pay thasian influencee ir own frasian influencee ight and handling fasian influencee asian influencee .)Our businasian influencee ss location:13950 N.Stasian influencee mmons Frasian influencee asian influencee wayFarmasian influencee rs Branch, TX 75234Tasian influencee l: 972-243-7888

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