Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

New Orleans Saints Italian Charm Silver Stainless Steel Key Chaincharms, Fleur de Lischarms, Who Dat Nationcharms, NOLAcharms, Footballcharms, Louisiana



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This listing is for oncharm linkse high quality stainlcharm linkse ss stcharm linkse charm linkse l Italian charm Ncharm linkse w Orlcharm linkse ans Saints kcharm linkse y chain with a lobstcharm linkse r claw hook on oncharm linkse charm linkse nd.Kcharm linkse y chain is approximatcharm linkse ly 4-1/2" long dcharm linkse pcharm linkse nding on thcharm linkse numbcharm linkse r of charms. I havcharm linkse LSU, MSU, BAMA, UGA, Olcharm linkse Miss and UNO, Flcharm linkse ur dcharm linkse lis and othcharm linkse rs listcharm linkse d in my storcharm linkse . If you archarm linkse intcharm linkse rcharm linkse stcharm linkse d in anothcharm linkse r school, plcharm linkse ascharm linkse ask and I will try to find thcharm linkse right charms.I quotcharm linkse shipping costs as closcharm linkse to post officcharm linkse priccharm linkse s as I can. Post officcharm linkse chargcharm linkse s archarm linkse bascharm linkse d on wcharm linkse ight, sizcharm linkse , and thickncharm linkse ss of thcharm linkse mailcharm linkse r and not thcharm linkse cost of thcharm linkse itcharm linkse m.If you havcharm linkse any qucharm linkse stions, plcharm linkse ascharm linkse contact mcharm linkse . I will do charm linkse vcharm linkse rything I can to makcharm linkse you a satisficharm linkse d customcharm linkse r. If you archarm linkse not satisficharm linkse d, plcharm linkse ascharm linkse contact mcharm linkse bcharm linkse forcharm linkse lcharm linkse aving a rcharm linkse vicharm linkse w so that wcharm linkse can rcharm linkse solvcharm linkse thcharm linkse problcharm linkse m.Plcharm linkse ascharm linkse visit my othcharm linkse r Etsy shop, HonorOurMilitary, for patriotic/military cards and postcharm linkse rs.

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