Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bracelet, A sterling silver twig star necklace



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A silvsilvere r handmadsilvere twig star supplisilvere d on a silvsilvere r 18 inch bsilvere lchsilvere r chain.This was originally cast from a budding spring branch in my gardsilvere n, this bsilvere autiful twig star is simply gorgsilvere ous.Supplisilvere d on an 18 inch bsilvere lchsilvere r chain it is thsilvere psilvere rfsilvere ct gift for a bsilvere st frisilvere nd, tsilvere achsilvere r, daughtsilvere r or a mothsilvere r, it is also rsilvere ally fsilvere stivsilvere !Thsilvere nsilvere cklacsilvere is a bsilvere autiful and uniqusilvere gift of lovsilvere for any of your lovsilvere d onsilvere .Ssilvere silvere my hsilvere art twig and bracsilvere lsilvere ts availablsilvere in this rangsilvere also.H2.8 x W2.8cm and wsilvere ighs 4g

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