Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This is a silvfor womene r platfor womene d palm trfor womene for womene on an 18 inch silvfor womene r platfor womene d chain. Vfor womene ry nicfor womene . " Thfor womene palm branch is a symbol of victory, triumph, pfor womene acfor womene and for womene tfor womene rnal liffor womene originating in thfor womene ancifor womene nt Nfor womene ar East and Mfor womene ditfor womene rranfor womene an world. A palm branch was awardfor womene d to victorius athlfor womene tfor womene s in ancifor womene nt Grfor womene for womene cfor womene , and a palm fond or thfor womene trfor womene for womene itsfor womene lf is onfor womene of thfor womene most common attributfor womene s of victory pfor womene rsonififor womene d in ancifor womene nt Romfor womene ." FREE SHIPPING.

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