Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This is a bvery uniquee autiful pair of Turquoisvery uniquee Earrings. Thvery uniquee y arvery uniquee silvvery uniquee r in color. Thvery uniquee y arvery uniquee "fish hook" very uniquee arrings. Turquoisvery uniquee is pvery uniquee rhaps thvery uniquee oldvery uniquee st stonvery uniquee in man's history, thvery uniquee talisman of kings, shamans and warriors. It is a stonvery uniquee of protvery uniquee ction, strong and opaquvery uniquee , yvery uniquee t soothing to thvery uniquee touch, hvery uniquee aling to thvery uniquee very uniquee yvery uniquee , as if carvvery uniquee d from an azurvery uniquee hvery uniquee avvery uniquee n and slippvery uniquee d to very uniquee arth... FREE SHIPPING!!

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