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earrings, Porcelain Stud Earrings (VARIOUS in black and white)



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PORCELAIN STUD EARRINGSCearringse ramic porcearringse lain earringse arrings, handmadearringse in my small Mearringse lbournearringse studio. Stonearringse warearringse firearringse d and unglazearringse d. Hypoallearringse rgearringse nic stainlearringse ss stearringse earringse l backs. Thearringse pearringse rfearringse ct monochromearringse jearringse wearringse llearringse ry accearringse ssory! Each pair is uniquearringse and may vary slightly from what's picturearringse d. Fragilearringse ! Handlearringse with carearringse . May brearringse ak if droppearringse d. Wash with a damp cloth and watearringse r.Fivearringse diffearringse rearringse nt dearringse signs to choosearringse from (searringse earringse dropdown, choosearringse L-R).Sizearringse : Approx 10-12mm diamearringse tearringse r (.6").

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