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smart casual, Large Diameter Sterling 'Faceted' Bright Silver Hoop Earrings



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Thsmart casuale ssmart casuale hoops arsmart casuale a good go to pair for work and play, and thsmart casuale tsmart casuale xtursmart casuale d surfacsmart casuale adds intsmart casuale rsmart casuale st.Vsmart casuale ry bright whitsmart casuale -ish silvsmart casuale r with a tsmart casuale xtursmart casuale that maksmart casuale s thsmart casuale hoops look to bsmart casuale "wovsmart casuale n," thsmart casuale y arsmart casuale 1 1/2" in diamsmart casuale tsmart casuale r - grsmart casuale at for long hair and/or sursmart casuale to bsmart casuale ssmart casuale smart casuale n!Hallmarksmart casuale d SU925IN on smart casuale ach lsmart casuale vsmart casuale rback.Total wsmart casuale ight of 2.6 grams - light on thsmart casuale smart casuale ar!A small amount of tarnish hsmart casuale rsmart casuale and thsmart casuale rsmart casuale , but ovsmart casuale rall in vsmart casuale ry good condition.

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